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Chakula - The ultimate in outdoor performance

Chakula - The ultimate in outdoor performance

MBT, the original physiological footwear brand, this season launches the brand new, must-have shoe for outdoor pursuits, the Chakula.

Couples MBT Sport2 Grey Black

The Chakula can be worn easily both in the city and the countryside, making it perfect for any MBT fans with a passion for the outdoors.

Providing optimum grip on dry, wet and even icy surfaces, the Chakula boasts innovative IceLock™ technology combined with a HyperGrip® rubber compound enhancing grip so that the wearer feels safe and comfortable whatever the weather. The shoe is also lined with GORE-TEX® for durable waterproofing and high breathability, making it a great, multi-purpose shoe built to perform in all weathers and terrain.

Along with these pioneering features, the Chakula also offers the built-in instability that people have come to expect from MBTs. By encouraging an increase in movement throughout the entire body while standing and walking, MBTs can be the key to a healthy back and a more active life, and wearing them can help to increase muscle activation and improve posture and balance.