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Women's MBT Swala Sandals

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Women's MBT Swala Sandals description

Airy and light summer footwear for leisure time activities or officeThe MBT Footwear effectively activates the ignored muscles, tone and shape the entire body by mimicking the unevenly natural surfaces. They are prepared to give you the best effect, activating muscles throughout the body and relieving stress on joints. It also has a combo synthetic leather and poly mesh upper for both breathable and durable wear. MBT stands for ""Masai Barefoot Technology."" MBT sneakers and casual shoes are designed using a multi-layered, curved sole which makes for a unique and rewarding walking experience.MBT Swala Women's Sandals Materials:Upper Full Grain Leather:Full grain leather is made from the top split of the hide and ensures top quality. Only the hair has been removed, so the natural surface grain is unchanged. It preserves the hide original texture and markings. Full grain has a great durability with the best fiber strength of leather.Lining Microfibre:Microfiber is a soft material and has good moistureconducting properties.Midsole Dual Board Shank:This construction uses new technology which allows new MBT designs. Shank and lasting board form one single piece, which is attached directly to the bottom unit.