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Women's MB Tunisha

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Women's MB Tunisha description

The mbt tunisha shoes are made to provide the wearer good comfort and support by utilizing an innovative technology found in the heel and sole. They are called the anti-shoe, also known as MBT shoe, which is short for Masai barefoot Technology.  
* TPU and glass fiber shank adds firmness to sole construction and also ensures a natural rolling movement of the foot with every step, optimizing the pressure distribution over the whole sole.   
* Masai Sensor (Masai Barefoot Technology®) creates a pleasant feeling of walking on a sandy beach or soft moss, and instantly creates a natural instability to which the body automatically reacts, increasing muscle activity.   
* Rubber outsole absorbs shock and adds traction.   
* Leather upper is comfortable and durable.   
* We recommend that you perform the MBT warm-up exercises to help get you acclimated to the MBT way of life.