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Men's MBT Sini

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Men's MBT Sini description

This MBT Casual Walker Style is very appropriate.the men's MBT Sini by MBT has a sporty look for your athletic style and offers many pro-body benefits for a healthy you. Proving to have positive effects, wearing MBTs significantly improves your gait and posture and relieves stress on your joints and back. It also exercises a large number of muscles, whether you’re walking or standing, helping to stimulate the metabolism, burn extra calories and support muscle regeneration. MBT Sini Drizzle Gray comfort technology sneaker is available at Robert Frost Fine Footwear and has fit true to size.Materials :  
* Split leather and full grain leather upper with 3-D mesh panels   
* Perforated EVA insole   
* Dual-board TPU and glass fiber shank   
* PU midsole    * Rubber outsole