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Men's MBT Maliza

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Men's MBT Maliza description

This shoe packs a lot of technology, the mbt maliza has the comfort and technology you expect in a great easy to wear fall casual. Full grain leather upper make this extremely durable to keep feet protected.    * MBT DRY&COOL sockliner.    * Rubber outsole absorbs shock.    * We recommend that you perform the MBT warm-up exercises to help get you acclimated to the MBT way of life.    * MBT Shoes can reinforce the muscles and help to correct the skeletal system and improve posture.    * MBT shoes reduce the incidence of some musculoskeletal problems.    * MBT Perforated EVA insole provides added cushioning while at the same time reduces odor due to its antibacterial treatment.    * MBT Shoes Glass fiber and TPU shank adds firmness to sole construction while ensures even weight distribution and a natural rolling movement of the foot, leading to a relaxed, upright posture for more effective, more comfortable walking.